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Torben Anderson was a management consultant for more than 20 years working with some of the world’s biggest firms, specialising in digital transformation. Believing the consulting model was broken, Torben was searching for a better way for supporting, and doing, business.

Believing that emerging technologies including blockchain would be a major part of the solution, Torben founded rewired.one in 2018 with a vision to ‘build for good’.

Torben had witnessed first hand the explosion of the internet, and has been a student of the dot com boom, the technology wars and the innovations that have changed society in the last 20 years.

Now, he feel privileged to be joining the world’s brightest minds in leading the next revolution. In the same way we couldn’t see the App economy before the invention of the smartphone, we have only just begun to scratch the surface of the limitless potential, and imagine what’s possible with blockchain technology.

But it’s not just the emergence of the ‘new’. It’s our existing way of life, our systems and our businesses, that are being transformed. Marc Andreessen famously said “software will eat the world”, now we’re entering an era where blockchain will eat software.

The world is rapidly accelerating towards this web3 frontier and rewired.one is leading and empowering the large enterprises, fast-growth technology startups and government agencies that want to build the future with blockchain, safely, securely and efficiently.

And we’re just getting started.

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Intentionally choose love, respect and family.


Radically change for good.

Our team

Torben Anderson BSc

CEO and Head of Consulting

Torben has a 24 year career as a management consultant leading major global technology implementations and transformations. Torben started his career as a software engineer and now helps business leaders become the best innovators in their industry by creating highly effective teams, projects and systems.

Torben was instrumental in delivering new regulatory systems at the Bank of England (BoE) after the 2008 banking crisis, and has also led other major change programmes in financial services and energy sectors.

He is passionate about making the impossible possible and committed to developing the future of blockchain solutions. Torben has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Economics and is currently studying for his Master of Science in Blockchain and Digital Currencies.

Dirk-Jan (DJ) Kruitbosch

Head of Projects

DJ has been working in the technology space for over 20 years and has led massive transformation projects in the telecom sector. He has led teams all over the world and thrives in different cultures and environments.

He has extensive experience in development, maintenance, network and service operations, project management, pre-sales and commercial management.

DJ has always been driven by innovation and making the world a better place. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Science and is currently studying for his Master of Science in Blockchain and Digital Currencies.

Leslee Streif

Head of Org Strategy and Culture

Leslee has over 12 years of experience providing leadership, cultural development, and strategic direction in business, startups, and nonprofits. She is also well versed in marketing, recruitment, sales, and design which contribute to her unique perspectives and impactful solutions.

Leslee believes that companies will grow successfully with a strong cultural backbone. As a result, she loves developing cultural intitiatives that prioritise the impact to people first.

She is passionate about consulting with startup leaders and entrepreneurs, and helping them to thrive by building scalable, solid foundations. She pursues any opportunities to strategise for optimum outcomes that achieve big vision results.

Andrew Montesi

Strategic Marketing Partner

Andrew Montesi is a marketing strategist and ​media expert who specialises in building, growing and brands. He oversees rewired.one’s marketing strategy, digital marketing and professional content.

Over more than 15 years Andrew has built and grown global technology startups, advised leaders and elite athletes, and provided growth marketing, brand and media services to early-stage tech companies, sporting organisations, professional services firms, media companies and more.

Working across Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Asia and Africa, Andrew is the founder of Apiro Marketing, Apiro Media and the Montesi company, and provides brand development training and coaching programs for professional services practitioners as well as elite athletes.

Ross Dold

Blockchain Infrastructure Advisory

Ross has worked for over 21 years as a Cisco network, security and technology integration specialist. He is the co-founder of EOSPhere, a well known EOS blockchain influencer and active block producer across different EOSIO blockchains.

Over the last 5 years he has successfully experimented with and deployed numerous blockchain solutions and networks.

Ross has extensive experience in blockchain Integration, networking, security and system operation. Ross is also a professional services manager, and has managed services up to $100M.

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