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How Crypto companies can improve compliance works with crypto and blockchain companies, as well as their legal and accounting teams, to develop and execute compliance strategies. 

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Importance of project management in digital innovation

With decades of management consulting experience, the team at are specialists in digital project management. Request to book a free discovery session.

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Focus in Blockchain, crypto, and Web3 in 2023

An important time to get clear on your innovation and digital transformation strategy. helps you find the best solution – and make it happen.

Is your organization losing efficiency and security?

Many organizations…

  • have vulnerable data systems.
  • have operational process that are taking too much time.
  • are not thinking about blockchain while the whole market is using blockchain.
  • are vulnerable to data breaches and regulatory fines.
  • are competing with companies who have transitioned to blockchain tech that have provided more efficient processes and integrity.

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Why Blockchain?

A blockchain is a highly secure, transparent and tamperproof database recording transactions and valuable data between parties. It includes a computational platform for executing transactions, called smart contracts.

Secure, transparent and trusted

Time savings

Transaction settlement doesn’t require verification from a central authority, slashing transaction times from days to minutes.

Cost savings

The shared ledger eliminates duplication and decreases the need for oversight and third-party intermediaries, cutting down costs.

Improved traceability

Having a shared ledger that serves as a single source of truth improves the ability to monitor and audit transactions.

Enhanced security

Blockchain’s security features protect against tampering, fraud, and cybercrime, by ensuring members are who they claim to be, and goods and assets traded are exactly as represented.

Improved efficiency

Pure digitisation of assets streamlines transfer of ownership. Transactions can be conducted at a speed more in line with the pace of doing business.

Enhanced privacy

Permissions and IDs can be used to specify transaction viewing permissions and can be expanded for special users such as auditors who may need access to more transaction detail.

Case Study: Trustworthy Technology and Outsourcing

TrustPoll is a startup with a clear and innovative objective: To create a secure, blockchain-based app dedicated to public opinion polling.

Case Study: Develop a Solution for Royalty Transparency and a Payout Model Project

A very common problem, many independent artists are looking to create sustainable income. That was the case for our client, Labelcoin.

Case Study: Revolutionizing Royalties, Empowering Artists, and Leveraging Blockchain Technology

Emanate redefined the music streaming experience by establishing a platform that not only streamlines the process for artists and creators, but also benefits them in real-time for their contributions.

Case Study: Creating Autonomy in the Digital Asset Music Space

Rarez, a spin-off of Emanate, started in earlty 2020 with the purpose of leveraging the  digital asset movement to create a series of  digital collection cards for fans of various artists.

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For more than a year we have partnered with They have consistently delivered great people that have given us great outcomes. We highly  recommend them to augment your engineers and provide sound project management.

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I’m grateful that we get to partner with early. It saved us from a lot of what could have been disaster by just following the flow. They provided foresight to not just do what’s trending now, but to see the implications of a decision. They answered the question, what’s the implications of this plan? And, what’s it going to mean five years down the road? Companies that work with, will be set up, not just for short-term success, but to be sustainable and protected in the future.

Mark Miller, CEO helped us to retain knowledge internally with our engineering teams and get stakeholders buy-in for enterprise blockchain solutions by providing expert blockchain engineers and consultants to train us. really understand the benefits of blockchain in the enterprise and successfully delivered our proof of concept.

Scott Owen, Senior Manager,

Strategy & Cloud,

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