What it really means to
‘build for good’

Our vision is to bring in a revolutionary new world of prosperity and trust, as we empower the pioneers to step into the transformative reality of blockchain technology.

But what does this mean for you, when you do business with rewired.one?

Firstly, we choose who we work with wisely. You’re not just ‘another client’. We want to partner with pioneers who share our values and have a vision to create a better world. And then we do everything we can to help you to bring your vision to life.

We inspire you, and you inspire us, as we work together with courage and passion to do something great.

We aim to set new standards and exceed expectations, for our level of insight, quality of work, communication and most importantly, care – for your project, and you.

We build incredible tech to serve people, and bring real transformation.

This is how we ‘build for good’..

Blockchain engineering and consulting.

Pioneering is not just about the idea. And it’s not just execution, either. It’s about having an ambitious vision, mapping out a plan and then building, brick by brick.

This is why true innovation with blockchain requires an end to end process that includes robust assessment, strategy and modelling, along with expert engineering and management.

Such a seamless approach facilitates a far more efficient and effective process, reducing risk and delivering better products and results, fast.

As one of the few companies providing this full service under one roof, rewired.one is partnering with large enterprises, government agencies and startups to open up new realms of opportunity.

How we work

A simple, three step process to build and grow with blockchain engineering.


Start by investing in knowledge.

Strategic consulting is essential to identify the real-world problems, challenges and opportunities that can be solved with blockchain technology.

This can include a feasibility study, to understand the potential value that blockchain could bring to your organisation, and what it will take it to make it happen.


We engineer, adapt and iterate your solution and use case.

With the strategy in place, you’re ready to build.

Building with blockchain involves software development that brings together modern web app and mobile technology to enable user adoption through intuitive UI/UX and reliable backend solution architecture.

It can also include the development and deployment of smart contracts to increase security while saving significant time and money.

And to ensure a successful project, top quality project management is essential.


We support and empower your team to maintain and scale your innovation roadmap.

Launching your blockchain product is just the beginning. Now it is about growth and momentum.

This can include ongoing strategic support, software development and continuation engineering, where we work with you to ensure the ongoing peak performance of your blockchain product.

Case Study
Our work with emanate.live

CEO Sean Gardner needed to scale his blockchain engineering team at emanate.live, but had difficulty finding the right people with the diverse skillsets needed to build and grow a blockchain system. Sean and his team also urgently needed project management and solution design experience to complete alpha and beta launches.

Rewired.one put forward a diverse and highly experienced execution team of full-stack, smart contract, solution design and project management professionals, covering all staffing requirements for successful, end-to-end implementation.

Our team was able to help the client scale up and scale down as needed as the founders prepared for upcoming funding rounds.

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