Everyone should understand the power of  blockchain.


It’s important that your team is equipped to use the technology to its full potential.

If your organisation is going to step into the new world of blockchain, it’s important that your entire leadership team, and even your broader team as a whole, is equipped to use the technology to its full potential.

Rewired.one provides training and education services to executives from both technical and non-technical backgrounds to ensure they’re ready to navigate the adoption of disruptive blockchain technologies.

Maximise the power of blockchain

For blockchain to be truly transformative, its power needs to be harnessed in the right way. 

Crucial to this is ensuring those at the very top of a business and project know how to use it. After all, they are the people who set strategy and allocate resources.

Domino’s Pizza is a prime example of a company that has been led by an innovative management team, positioning itself as “a tech company that sells pizzas”, and as a result enjoyed meteoric growth.

The company revolutionised ordering systems and built groundbreaking delivery routing systems on the back of blockchain-based Artificial Intelligence solutions. It has invested in feasibility studies and AI workshops for the business operations team. 

As a result, the Domino’s share price accelerated from $3 in 2008 to a high of $433 in 2020.

All enterprises need to ask themselves if they are truly equipped to make the changes needed to thrive in the new world of blockchain.

And if not, how can their teams become equipped with the required knowledge, efficiently and effectively?

Domino’s Pizza is a prime example of a company that has been led by an innovative management team and as a result enjoyed meteoric growth.

What kind of blockchain education is available?

Rewired.one’s highly experienced team of digital transformation consultants and technologists can tailor an education program for your business that covers both the basics and technical aspects of blockchain, and everything in between.

Your team will learn:


What blockchain is and which problem it tries to solve


How a blockchain looks and which components are part of a blockchain


The capabilities of blockchain any why a blockchain could be utilized


The types of blockchain and when to use it


An understanding of where the blockchain initiated from


An understanding of some of the basic terminology used with blockchain


The importance of the Bitcoin white paper


How blockchain can be applied to your business for maximum results

Blockchain education at rewired.one.

The training offered by Rewired.one can come in many forms, depending on a client’s needs. 

This can include:

Online training portals

We provide online courses and programs focusing on everything from the foundations of blockchain to blockchain development, fully scalable for large, global teams.

Industry-specific advice

Consulting and courses can be tailored to suit the nature of your business.

In-person or virtual workshops and training

We can equip your team to navigate the world of blockchain with in-person education that can be run over a number of days.

Rewired.one partners with large enterprises, startup businesses and government agencies

to unlock the full power and value of blockchain technology.

What our clients say about us

For more than a year we have partnered with Rewired.one. They have consistently delivered great people that have given us great outcomes. We highly  recommend them to augment your engineers and provide sound project management.

Sean Gardner

CEO, www.emanate.live

I’m grateful that we get to partner with Rewired.one early. It saved us from a lot of what could have been disaster by just following the flow. They provided foresight to not just do what’s trending now, but to see the implications of a decision. They answered the question, what’s the implications of this plan? And, what’s it going to mean five years down the road? Companies that work with rewired.one, will be set up, not just for short-term success, but to be sustainable and protected in the future.

Mark Miller, CEO


Rewired.one helped us to retain knowledge internally with our engineering teams and get stakeholders buy-in for enterprise blockchain solutions by providing expert blockchain engineers and consultants to train us. Rewired.one really understand the benefits of blockchain in the enterprise and successfully delivered our proof of concept.

Scott Owen, Senior Manager,

Strategy & Cloud, www.tabcorp.com.au

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