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Blockchain startups are shaping our brave, new world. But even with incredible ideas, there’s no guarantee of success.

Founders are juggling their ambitions with funding, technical strategy, business model development and the need to scale aggressively. The need for expert guidance is crucial.

While there are many would-be advisers out there, few have a proven track record demonstrating both the technical know-how and business acumen. is made up of a team of leaders who have founded and exited their own startups, built their own blockchain products and consulted with leading companies for more than 20 years, bringing their skills and experiences together to help blockchain startups thrive.

Build the foundations for fast growth.

Find the right ecosystem

Not all blockchain ecosystems are created equal. Choosing which ecosystem to build on is a critical early step that will set the technical foundations for a startup. We discover the best solutions together, to help you , make the right decision and get started.

Supercharge scale

Scaling a startup is a strategic challenge for founders who need to balance funding runways, technology and growth goals, recruitment, investor relations and much more. With a team of experienced solution designers and blockchain developers, we provide strategic advice and development manpower, as well as training and support for teams, to see blockchain startups accelerate quickly but sustainably.

Work with blockchain experts

As blockchain technology continues to rapidly emerge, it is more important than ever for startup founders to partner with proven experts with an extensive track record in both blockchain technology and business. The team has been working with startups as well as large enterprises since 2018, and our founders have been at the forefront of blockchain development since 2012, accruing significant insight, skill and experience that is proving invaluable to early stage blockchain companies.

How we work

A simple, three step process for startup businesses to build and grow with blockchain technology.


Understand your needs, provide strategic advice and solutions.

Our services may include strategic consulting with our expert team or a feasibility study.


Engineer, adapt and iterate your solution and use case.

Our services may include software development, smart contract development and project management.


Support and empower your team to maintain and scale your innovation roadmap.

Our services may include blockchain maintenance, project management and strategic consulting.

Case Study
Our work with

CEO Sean Gardner needed to scale his blockchain engineering team at, but had difficulty finding the right people with the diverse skillsets needed to build and grow a blockchain system. Sean and his team also urgently needed project management and solution design experience to complete alpha and beta launches. put forward a diverse and highly experienced execution team of full-stack, smart contract, solution design and project management professionals, covering all staffing requirements for successful, end-to-end implementation.

Our team was able to help the client scale up and scale down as needed as the founders prepared for upcoming funding rounds.

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