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Establish secure foundations for the development of blockchain technology, and the advancement of your community.

As technology continues its rapid evolution, government agencies have the opportunity to play a crucial role. Decisions made today will help or hinder our communities for years to come, and will determine the level of influence held by government, depending on the approach to policy, regulation, infrastructure and the systems that underpin them.

The most innovative government and public sector leaders are already accelerating with blockchain, working closely with credible experts, educators and industry to design technology roadmaps that will open up new pathways of trust to citizens and value for money services. is trusted by government agencies for strategic advice and specialised consulting, helping leaders understand the transformative times ahead and navigate the future confidently.

Solutions that influence the agenda.

Put the plan in place

With many stakeholders and bureaucratic processes to deal with, getting a robust technology roadmap or blockchain plan in place could be a painstaking process. Our team provides expert advice and step by step guidance to help you create the way forward.

Adapt to change

As a technology leader in government, bringing your vision to life is made more challenging by evolving budgets, timelines, election cycles and more. We develop change management strategies tailored to your environment and circumstances, ensuring that you maintain momentum towards your technology goals.

Regulation done right

Get the insight and support to create and influence regulatory frameworks, enabling government departments, agencies and the wider community to thrive with blockchain technology, safely and securely.

How we work

A simple, three step process for startup businesses to build and grow with blockchain technology.


Understand your needs, provide strategic advice and solutions.

Our services may include strategic consulting with our expert team or a feasibility study.


Engineer, adapt and iterate your solution and use case.

Our services may include software development, smart contract development and project management.


Support and empower your team to maintain and scale your innovation roadmap.

Our services may include blockchain maintenance, project management and strategic consulting.

Case Study
Rewiring RegTech

We were approached by a government agency looking for advice about RegTech requirements as part of the Australian Blockchain Roadmap.

The government agency sought consultation on how to develop key blockchain skills and knowledge in Australia, which is a major adoption challenge for any country wanting to transition to Blockchain. For example, for every blockchain developer in Australia there are 14 vacant positions, according to a report from the Australian Computing Society (ACS) and Data61.

Through our strategic consulting, we demonstrated how developers with enterprise level C++ experience can be brought up to speed with blockchain within three to six months.

Following this work, continues to contribute through various working groups in and around the Australian Government. We are also an active member of

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